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Stacey Witenberger

Stacey is someone who adds magic to everything he touches.  His passion for his craft and his customers truly sets him apart.  Stacey started making rings in his garage in the fall of 2020 during the pandemic using techniques he learned watching youtube videos and using natural materials he salvaged from around Oregon.  As he refined and perfected his process,  he decided to take it a step further and began making memorial rings using the ashes of loved ones to inlay into stunning rings and what started as a hobby to pass the time became a passion that he turned into beautiful and meaningful art. It was then, that A Full Circle Rings was born. 

In his spare time, Stacey is an avid disc golfer and nature lover.  He enjoys camping, hiking and any other hobbies that let his creativity shine!  He can often be found walking his dog, Oakley and collecting bits of nature to incorporate into his art.